Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!!! Your Fashion Stimulus Kit

22 May

It’s that time again folks…

So really, when we say fashion, what do we really mean…a quick visit to the online dictionary provided the quick and dirty definition as the latest and most admired style in clothes, cosmetics and behavior…BORING!!!! The word fashion, as dynamic as it is, should not be described with such bland words. Now my definition of fashion…it’s a recipe of ever changing themes, colors and patterns with hints of ancient flavor and a dash of uniqueness. Today’s fashion is an elaborated yesterday’s fashion laced with personality and style. However, we all know fashion does not stop at clothes; what’s a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the jelly! Or fish and chips meal, missing the chips…okay I‘m sure you get it. Accessories are the new “it” in the fashion world. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize – and so we shall! Accessories can make or break an outfit. So in our fashion conversation today let’s talk accessories. Let me introduce you to an accessory sensation whose passion and talent has finally got the best of her. Miss Ruby Buah, creator of Stringz Attached jewelry, an up and coming jewelry designer based in Atlanta, GA with a humble beginning from Ghana. Ruby Buah showcases her daring creativity through a unique collection of handmade jewelry. Stylish, elegant, sexy and to die for are just a few adjectives used to describe Ruby’s classic jewelry pieces. Explore her vision at . As delightful as her attitude, Ruby’s Stringz Attached jewelry provides a fresh perspective on combining colors, styles, stones and various personalities. Ruby herself…is a walking fashion fun fest and describing her as bubbly is an understatement:

AJ: A little background: so who is Ruby Buah?

Ruby: Ruby Buah is someone you need to watch because she’ll soon have Martha Stewart, Donald Trump, Bill Gates and Oprah look like child’s play. LOL… Ok, so Ruby Buah is also a dreamer… but dreams do come true, right? In all seriousness, I am a regular Ghanaian – like most of us in the US, I came here for college… it just happens that I discovered a creative side I didn’t know existed and I am grateful for the opportunity to explore that side of me.

AJ: How did you get in the jewelry business?

Ruby: I took a jewelry-making class a few years ago. The way it happened was almost accidental… I needed to unwind after a long day at work… this time I decided to do something different/creative instead of the usual glass of wine – just kidding 🙂 After sneaking out of work at 5:00pm, spending 2 hours in Atlanta traffic (phew!) and $25 later, I found myself in a room holding an interesting-looking tool in one hand and some colorful beads in the other. To sum it up, life-changing is how I’ll describe it… after just an hour in this class, I had somehow managed to allow myself to become obsessed with this new art 🙂

AJ: What inspires your work?

Ruby: A lot if things inspire me… when I started, I used to flip through Fashion magazines to figure out which of the jewelry I could make… interestingly enough, I would always end up making something different… one of the things that inspire me is color. I like bold colors and I don’t shy away from putting colors together that most people will stay away from. You’ll find that my jewelry is mostly bold (in color and in size).

AJ: Have you always wanted to create jewelry?

Ruby: Not at all… It never crossed my mind until a few years ago and I am very glad I walked into that class.

AJ: What are your long term plans…where do you see Stringz Attached in the next few years?

Ruby: My future plans have to do with growth and then some more growth. Which means I need to continuously perfect what I do and I need more exposure. For the immediate future, I want to improve my website ( and start selling online – it’s long overdue 🙂

AJ: What keeps you going?

Ruby: Laughter! Life is too short not to enjoy the simple pleasures in life… the ability to find humor in everything is one such pleasure.

AJ: What is your fear?

Ruby: I sometimes worry that I will get so sucked into Corporate America that I will slowly neglect my creative side… the good thing about this fear is it keeps me on my toes and helps me focus.

AJ: Any parting words.

Ruby: Be true to yourself, follow your passion, have a plan and go for it… and oh, have fun with it 🙂

Well there you have it folks…another corporate candidate snatched up by the fashion industry. And the revolution continues!!!! Power to the people…no let me stop!!! Well that’s my time folks…tune in next time for some more news and views. And please don’t be silent participants…I would like to know what you think, so do let your views be known.

Toodles…Stimulate your trends with your weekly Fashion Stimulus Kit!!!!


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