The Bag Lady Is In…Your Fashion Stimulus Kit

5 Jun

On today’s agenda, we re-visit the subject of fashion accessories. Now ladies…and gents, you will agree with me that accessories give that final ‘va-va-voom’ when making a fashion statement. You dare not step out of the house, much less out of your room without that matching hat or blinged out watch or cute clutch to upgrade you from just fine to fierce! That added fierceness can do wonders for ones confidence level. So what’s new in the accessories world…the Ghanaian fabric is making another encore appearance. In past issues we have reviewed how the Ghanaian fabric is redefining the clothing/garment segment of today’s fashion…well the accessory world is also benefiting from the rich style and uniqueness that the Ghanaian fabric has to offer. The Ghanaian fabric inspires creativity, sophistication and boldness that designers today are feeding off of to create fashion masterpieces. So ladies, are you looking for that fab clutch or sling bag or belt that would turn heads and add an extra ‘umph’ to your accessory collection…well look no further. My next guest gives added meaning to the term “bag lady”, Miss Aya Morrison is breaking into the fashion industry with her ‘bundles of joy’ swaddled in rich Ghanaian fabric. Her work spells fun loving, yet classy. Her collection includes piece for everyday wear and is appropriate for all fashion types. You can visit her facebook page at
for more information on her product lists. However, today we do get to learn how “Handmade by AyA mOrRiSoN” came about:

A.J: How did “Handmade by AyA mOrRiSoN come about?

AYA: So, Aya Morrison is actually my name and “Handmade by AyA mOrRiSoN” itself came about as a result of me remaking/re-modifying vintage goodies, from belts to bags to tops to various other accessories. Then it got to a point where my friends (from school mostly) had me re-styling their vintage finds. I realized I had such passion for remaking elegant vintage items and so wanted to do more since I’ve always loved crafts&things and DIY’s. I then started using corduroy fabric, feathers and buttons to make my own handbags from scratch with a classy vintage look, which clearly appealed to all crowds(young, old, men, women etc) and then eventually infused more African cloth into my designs(specifically bright African cloth) initially for my seasonal spring/summer collection to give my products a different and funky look while still maintaining it’s vintage touch and most of all, to symbolize and better embrace my culture. Today, The name is simply “AyA mOrRiSoN” because not all my products are solely handmade as I’ve introduced some leather bags and belts, which require some machine work so I thought why not just name the label after me?

A.J: What inspires the design for your creations?

AYA: What inspires my designs today are a combination of my love for sexy fashion, my mother and her great ideas, my current surroundings and the fashion world at large (what’s up and what’s new) …I also am inspired by creative pictures in my head of high-end designer products made of African cloth, you know, I wonder how it’ll look like. yea, all that summed together (laughs)

A.J: What are you short -term and long term goals for your creation?

AYA: My short-term goal is to have the world understand, love and appreciate my designs; Be aware of what the ayamorrison line is about; rock my products so the word can be spread all over the world. My products are seasonal so that each year my customers and fans would be itching for what’s new. My Long-term goal is to develop my fashion line into an even bigger, successful, trendy, and worldwide business with a commitment to create authentic and original designs, which will positively impact the fashion world.

A.J: How strongly does the Ghanaian fabric influence your designs and creations?

AYA: The African cloth has actually strongly influenced my present collection especially since this year there have been a number of African shows/trade fairs in the New York area, which I’ve had the privilege to attend and show my stuff and had models pose with my bags in some really lovely outfits. It’s been great. To my customers, pictures coming soon!!

A.J: What type of audience are you looking to target with your designs?

AYA: I am looking to target everyone who has love for trendy fashion, and fashion accessories especially bags and belts. I’m even working on men’s tote bags so you can imagine the crowd I’m trying to target…smiles!!

A.J: How/where can people purchase your product?

AYA: Presently anyone looking to buy my products should join my facebook group and send me a message and I’ll get in touch. I am also working on my website where purchases can be made directly on there. The website will be and we’re anticipating a sooner launch so our customers and our fans can buy from all over the world. Sorry about the delay.

A.J: Would consider this a hobby or a fulltime opportunity for you?

AYA: This is definitely a hobby for now but at the same time, I’m hoping all can get to know about my line and love it. Need I mention that AyAmOrRiSoN is a passion turned into a business and for a while, the designs are seasonal and limited so hurry for yours today!!!
In the long run, however, I see this as a fulltime opportunity and God willing in the nearest future, we’ll be moving higher.
Ladies, I hope you have your orders lined up for the summer…I know I do because this summer I will be rocking my goodies from AyA mOrRiSoN and fellas these make wonderful gift ideas…so if the woman in your life is celebrating whatever…remember Aya Morrison’s got your back!!!

Well guys, like I always say: remember to stimulate your trends with your weekly Fashion Stimulus Kit!!!!


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