A Lil’ Something for the Fellas! Your Fashion Stimulus Kit

19 Jun

Moving right into it…

So I’ve been thinking… it seems I have been neglecting a very important segment of my fashion audience…MEN. Our tough, rugged men need some love too. So today lets pow-wow about Men’s fashion.

So there is nothing more intriguing and sexy than a well dressed man!!! All in favor say OH YEAH!!! Some guys are more comfortable with getting fashion tips from the women in their lives whiles others are well versed in the fashion lingo. Whatever the case, a well dressed man is always a sight for sore eyes, irrespective of whether he dressed himself or if mama had a hand in it! Men’s fashion is not necessarily about the garment worn but more on how the garment is worn, A simple t-shirt and jeans worn right can definitely turn heads, as long as it’s worn with confidence and “swag”. Men fashion is usually rich in personality and in most cases resonates with the personality of the person wearing it. Selecting a style that matches ones personality speaks volumes. For guys, putting on clothing is only the beginning…enhancing it with attitude gives the finishing touch! Let’s explore some if these personalities I speak of:

Now mind you, here is my interpretation of male personalities when it comes to fashion:

The “White boy” look (Justin Amissah)

This look usually constitutes a layered style…especially prevalent in the western world. A long sleeve thermal or plain shirt underneath a simple graphic tee or polo shirt creating a “collabo-effect” that is great for comfort and ideal for those cooler seasons. This look is completed with a nice crisp pair of jeans and pair of chuck tailors. Most men go for this look for its simplicity, comfort yet stylish appeal

The Smooth Criminal look (Sean Boateng)

Not just anyone can pull this look off…the key word here is smooth and might I add “swaggerlicious”!!!! This look right here is definitely not for the meek at heart…it’s for the hungry go-getter who is ready to mingle. It usually includes a crisp tailored suit, however not your traditional cut or color. Well stitched and fitted coat on a solid color buttoned up shirt and missing the traditional stuffy tie -maybe a simple piece of jewelry (chain) in its place. The look is made complete with tailored tapered pants on top of a pair of Italian leather.

The Boy-to-Man look (Paako Knight)

This look, when worn right is a big winner with the ladies (or at least I think so). It is a comfortable balance between boyish style and manly sophistication. Definitely involves a well tailored blazer to evoke style and sophistication on top of a simple tee or polo shirt for comfort. A crisp pair of jeans with a sensible pair of suede loafers or a funky pair of chuck tailors. This look says I look good but I’m not trying too hard! In most cases, a kangol cap is thrown in the mix to sustain the cool factor of the look. Too cool!!!

The New Age gentleman look (Joojo Stevens)

The bowtie is making a comeback and it is bringing with it the funky pattern vest. The new age gentleman is a trendsetter and not afraid to mix colors, shapes and styles. The bowtie is instrumental to this look, despite its ancient style; it is made modern midst a boyish array of colors and clothing. This look comprises of a bowtie smugly fastened on top of a crisp buttoned up shirt accompanied by a funky colored vest. Tapered jeans and a pair of chuck tailors or vans add the finishing touches to the new age gentleman.

The Stylish gentleman look (Kwaku Ohene Boateng)

This look is popular for its casual but stylish appeal. It includes a crisp, well pressed buttoned up stylish shirt with three neck buttons (one too many) or “pilot shirt” known for their shoulder flaps, on top of designer jeans or pants and a pair of Italian leather. My kind of man!!!

Now guys, there you have it… my five men fashion personalities…what are yours? Do you have other personalities in mind you would like to share or want to add to mine…please share the love. Or maybe I just described your personality or ladies…your man’s personality…come on let’s make this interactive…let us know what style works for you or ladies…your man.

Its been real…this is your fashion correspondent AJ signing out!!! Toodles!!!

Don’t forget to stimulate your trends with your weekly Fashion Stimulus Kit!!!!


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