Inside Look into "Orijin" Your Fashion Stimulus Kit

3 Jul

Today, we are still pow-wowing about Men’s fashion and we will meet a young entrepreneur who has made his mark in the Diaspora, keeping us entertained with news, fashion and whatever is fresh! For all those who thought Fashion was an industry for the fairer sex…well you thought wrong!!!! A number of fashion experts and trendsetters are men. Our guest today is no different and interestingly enough he is a young Ghanaian professional who identified a need in the Diaspora and executed it fabulously using his creative genius. He is no other than Nana Archyn Brew-Butler creator of the Orijin Cultural Magazine. Orijin is a virtual flip magazine designed to connect all African descendants through culture. Through fashion, culture and artistic expression, Orijin provides a passage way to understand our roots and where we come from. Only by understanding where we come from, can we take strides towards where we are going and envision our future.

A.J: How did Orijin come about? Where did you get the idea from?

Archyn: Orijin came about from my life experiences in the USA, UK and Ghana. An experience that you and I can share, an experience that many still go through no matter where you are coming from. The stereotyping and discrimination (Africans are Jungle people, booty scratchers, naked, hungry, live on trees. People from the Caribbean are potheads, weed smokers, drug dealers. African Americans are ignorant, quick to pull a trigger, baby mama drama, and key scratching cars).
I remember when I was moving to the US from Ghana, I nearly thought it was not worth it based on all the fear people put in me. I had aunts and uncles who gave me the dreaded “travel talk” (you know what I mean). The hour of talking and prayers… Hahaha, thinking back, it brings a chuckle to my lips. It was necessary, however a little bit extreme. The “Take care of yourself whiles you are there, don’t get involved with those African American guys, because they will get you killed, don’t mess with the girls there because they will key your car”. I could go on and on with many stories and experiences, good and bad but I will hold that thought for another day.
The word Orijin to me means Identity… finding your roots. and the purpose of Orijin was to kill the misconceptions we have of each other: finding a way to bridge the gap, uniting all African descendants together in a unique way. Through the magazine and fashion.

A.J: What is your long term vision for Orijin?

Archyn: My vision is to build a unified culture environment, where every culture of whatever background could Identify with. Using the magazine to educate and structure people, and also motivate others to do likewise and using clothing as an Identity.

A.J: What influences the messages you communicate to your audience?

Archyn: Two words: Cultural misunderstanding: The division of people; especially amongst Africans, African Americans and people of Caribbean descent, usually caused by media. Media is the biggest terrorist in this world. And Orijin is my weapon I used to fight the media.

A.J: How important a role does fashion play in the overall magazine strategy?

Archyn: So I could tell you about Bob Marley and his good deeds in the magazine, I could tell you about a legend named Fela Kuti in the magazine, I could tell you about a man named Mandela who fought against apartheid in the magazine. I could tell you there was a man that had a Dream and his dream came to pass this year when Obama became president using the magazine; however I cannot let you live it, feel it or identify yourself with such stories, using the magazine solely. This is where I use the Orijin Fashion line. I could let heads nod at you with respect just because the caption on your shirt reads,” My Orijin is AFRICA”, “Back to My Roots”, “Keep the Culture Alive”, “ One Love”, etc.

A.J: What inspired Orijin clothing?

Archyn: One word: Identity. Have you heard someone say, “Man, you are lucky, you know where you are from in Africa, I don’t! I know my ancestors were brought here as slaves, that’s about it, I wish I knew where I was from in Africa.” Think about it…that’s deep, and it hurts not knowing where you are from. Orijin Fashion brings you home. I have friends who are Asian, Latino, African, Caribbean, but have some trace to Africa or associate themselves proudly with Africa. These are the people who inspire me and my clothing.

A.J: Where can one buy Orijin clothing?

Archyn: Orijin is in stores in Philadelphia, but we have an online store coming this May. So get your summer orders ready. Check out frequently for the store update.

AJ: Do you design Orijin clothing:

Archyn: Yes I do

A.J: What is your favorite fashion for men?

Archyn: My favorite is Orijin. I like clothing that speaks volumes in a classy way.

Now how cool is that…do visit the website and let us know what you think. Very impressive stuff. Okay guys…I have to bounce…remember stay in touch, don’t be strangers now!!!!

Stay cool and remember…. stimulate your trends with your weekly Fashion Stimulus Kit!!!!


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