Fashion Faux Pas Series Your Fashion Stimulus Kit

17 Jul

 Today begins my fashion faux pas series

The heat is on as we head for summer in some part of the world…this is the season to be jolly and of course to work the fashion runway with the hottest styles, craziest colors and alluring outfits. However for those who are challenged in the fashion department – like having two left feet on the dance floor –do I have surprise for you!!! I got your backs because today is definitely your lucky day – during the next three weeks, I am going to share with you some fashion faux pas – you know, fashion no nos. Don’t be caught dead in a fashion no-no because the fashion police are out there in the streets and they are not playing…they will lock you up and throw away the keys!!! This is what I like to call my fashion tool kit, so before you dress…please put yourself to the test!!! Shout outs to my fierce fashionistas who helped me compile this list…y’all know y’all selves. Again let’s make this as interactive as possible, if you don’t agree with what you see….you need to come clean! Got your own fashion faux pas you’d like to share, be my guest! Many of us may be guilty of one or two items on the list – that’s fine, however if you’re guilty of more than half of them…mmmmm you definitely need a fashion makeover – or just a plain miracle!

Fashion Faux Pas: Don’t be caught red-handed
(Today we look at Hair and Shoe no nos!)

HairDon’t make a bad hair day a norm!

  • If you have ever heard the words, “Excuse me, your hair is in my way’, then you are a victim to “BIG HAIR”. It might be cute, but if its causing pain to others then its gotta go! What’s more, I don’t think that all that Holding Spritz is good for the environment!!!
  • Ladies, we love the weaves and hair extensions, especially if you are not blessed with your own long luscious mane, but come on, please pay a little more for a job done right. BAD WEAVES are definitely a no no in the fashion bible. Sidebar: when it comes to hair color selections; please select hair colors that actually match your skin tone…blonde on black never works –TRUST ME!!!
  • So who sent out the memo that walking around in public with a headscarf (ladies) or dude rag (gents) is cute? Well, that person definitely needs to stay away from fashion memo sending! HEADSCARFS– NOT CUTE!!!!
  • The bald cut always has a very sexy appeal…yeah, when it is on the right head shape!!!! This is a case of one style fits all…well it doesn’t. CHECK YOUR HEAD SHAPE BEFORE YOU SCRAPE!!!
  • Hats can be great accessory pieces however, not all outfits go with a hat. Only exception: if you need to cover your head by all means, medical or religious reasons or you are related to the R&B superstar and songwriter NEYO…heads like that need to be covered at all times.

homeless_feel_footfashionShoesWalk yourself out of a bad situation!

  • Stilettos are God’s gift to women…and men, however, not all women. You need to be well versed in the art to rock a pair, so if you got a failing grade or did not graduate from Mama Sophie’s class: poised walking 101…please stay away – THE STILETTO IS NOT FOR YOU!
  • Open toe shoes and sandals have two basic functions: to allow air circulation around your feet – your feet can breathe and look cute at the same time, and to show off the amazing work your nail stylist (for lack of a better term) did on your toes. Now, the latter is the most important – so stop giving open toe shoes…and your nail stylist a bad rap. MOVING FROM COVERT TO OVERT IS JUST A TRIP TO THE NAIL PARLOR.
  • The word ‘size’ is very imperative in the shoe wearing game. Come on guys, let just stick to our sizes, the occasional sweep of the pavement with your toes hanging out from your shoes just adds extra stress to your nail stylist. Extra room in the shoe is not any better either because the stress is transferred either to your legs as you try to walk normal or to the watching public as they cringe as you struggle to walk by. WHEN IN DOUBT, STICK TO YOUR OWN SIZE!
  • Now this point is debatable but the case ‘for’ the argument is definitely on shaky grounds – right Esquire ? Brown shoes with a black outfit, simply known in the law field as “BROWN ON BLACK CRIME”…. (tacky!!!) Well do I have your attention now!!! Well stay tuned for the two remaining parts of Fashion Faus Pas talking about Clothing & Accessories and underwear and makeup fashion faux pas. It gets worse!!! If you have fashion no nos of your own please feel free to share!That’s my time folks, like I always say: remember to stimulate your trends with your weekly Fashion Stimulus Kit!!!!

2 Responses to “Fashion Faux Pas Series Your Fashion Stimulus Kit”

  1. Water Filter : October 28, 2010 at 10:28 am #

    there are many hair colors out there but i alway prefere blondes::;

  2. Beautiful American Girls : October 28, 2010 at 10:52 am #

    most of the time i use hair extensions because i love long hair;`’

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