Fashion Faux Pas Series – Part Trois! Your Fashion Stimulus Kit

7 Aug

Today we conclude our fashion faux pas series. Missed the last two write-ups? Don’t worry: check out the first and second parts to this series on hair and shoes, and clothes.
For today’s agenda we are looking at fashion no-nos in makeup and underwear, as well as a bonus piece on personal grooming. Your style needs to be flawless… from your outer wear to your inner wear.

Ladies…and maybe gents, makeup can either make you or break you. It all bores down to the way it’s applied. Having makeup issues? Please visit your nearest MAC counter in the mall and the professionals will be more than happy to help. Or better yet, I’m sure we all have the nagging Mary Kay / Avon consultant trying to get on our calendars…you could learn something! For my readers in Ghana or anywhere else where the two listed options may not be available, visit your nearest beautician to get some makeup tips. If all the above does not work for you, then here are a couple makeup no-nos you might want to keep handy…

th_makeupMakeupLess is always best!


Now I know most of us are guilty of this one – I know I was upset when I found this to be a fashion no no. MATCHING MAKEUP WITH THE COLOR OF OUTFIT! NO!!!!

  • Okay ladies the “clown” look is out… come to think of it, it was never in…you are scaring the world!!! Lets leave the face painting to the circus clowns…they do it best! TOO MUCH MAKEUP IS PLAIN SCARY.
  • The DARK LIP LINER days are over, however it seems some of us and majority of our Spanish sisters did not get the memo. Please spread the word!
  • Come on now ladies, you are giving the makeup companies a bad rap…you know they provide you with the necessary foundation shades that should hopefully match every skin tone… but noooooo you insist on wearing a shade meant for Halle Berry when you know darn well that you are rocking Whoopi’s complexion! CHOOSE THE RIGHT FOUNDATION COLOR FOR YOUR SKIN TONE. Don’t worry, your right color is out there!

Ladies and gents, it is called UNDER-WEAR for a reason. The “I.M AWARE” days are long gone!!! Don’t be a victim to that nonsense. Keep it nice and hidden!

underwear imageUnderwear Caress before you dress!

  • Fellas, some of y’all have gone way overboard with the ‘saggy pants’ look. If we as observers can vividly make out the full pattern on your boxer shorts…it’s definitely not a good look! THE SAGGY PANTS LOOK JUST GOT THE BOOT!
  • Ladies, you’re not off the hook either, there is a reason why the thong underwear was invented (Kudos to its inventor – they rock), to rid the world of the unappealing sight of the PANTY LINE. THONGS TO THE RESCUE!
  • So what’s the skinny on wearing underwear a size too small? Constant wedgies are very uncomfortable and not a pleasant sight; neither is the illusion that you have more than a pair of boobs!
  • The good news is that we have so many bra styles out there to choose from. The bad news, we don’t always take advantage of this privilege. WEAR THE RIGHT BRA TYPE UNDER THE RIGHT OUTFIT. (When in doubt, remember underwear is supposed to stay under, hence the name)
  • A nice firm even look underneath is good for that figure hugging dress and SPANKS got you covered on this, however, is SPANKS covered? SPANKS SHOWING UNDER YOUR DRESS – TACKY!

This is a bonus section on personal grooming…someone’s gotta to say it!!!

Personal GroomingLadies & Gentlemen…

  • Ladies, the unshaved legs in a pair of shorts or skirt screams lack of personal grooming.
  • Swim wear season is upon us (well most of us), so please remember to book your appointment to tame the bush …now you know the bush I’m referring to, don’t need to spell it out: TAME THE BUSH!
  • Fellas nothing says sexy more than a flawless lineup and level facial hair. The wildebeest look never made the cut!!! WELL MAINTAINED FACIAL HAIR DOES WONDERS FOR YOUR SWAG!


 So as we venture out onto this fashion runway we call the world, please keep these tips handy. You have now graduated from fashion 101. Now go out and get your fash’on my fashionistas! Make me proud!

That’s my time folks. Talk to you next time. One last thing… remember to stimulate your trends with your weekly Fashion Stimulus Kit!!!!








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