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14 Aug

Is the West Invading Our Traditional Space…A Fashion Remix

In recent times, our traditional Ghanaian fabric is constantly being bombarded by Western influences: from our music right down to our basic way of life. The jury is still out on if this is beneficial or demands corrective measures. But maybe the question should not be if our traditions be influenced by western cultures (because it is quite inevitable with basically almost half our youth residing abroad) but to what extent should these influences be?

Could a little bit of western infiltration be just what the doctor ordered? Well in the fashion world, the fashion doctor demands it…

The traditional “Kaba and Slit” is no longer the sole cut out of the Ghanaian fabric. More and more we see our Ghanaian fabrics in more provocative and expressive modern styles. A fashion remix – I would like to call it – as western styles transform these traditional fabrics into everyday clothes that cause a buzz at the workplace, church, parties, school and other events. Not only has this remix made the wearing of traditional fabric more appealing to our fashionistas in the western world (we no longer save our traditional fabrics for international day at work or school) but it has provided a gateway for Ghanaian designers to showcase our Ghanaian culture on the international fashion platform.

The Ghanaian fabric continues to be the muse for designers worldwide, fuelling the fashion revolution as we know it. This fashion revolution provides designers the creative freedoms to create inspiring collections using our colorful designs and fabrics. However, the ingenious designs don’t stop at clothes alone: a new wave of fashion accessories draped in the Ghanaian fabric has hit the fashion scenes and is creating a buzz.

In the next coming weeks, we will showcase a number of fashion designers (both new comers and veterans) who have adopted the African fabric as their signature tool of trade in the Hot Seat section…stay tuned!


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