Adopt a KUA Girl today…Your Fashion Stimulus Kit!!!

10 Sep

kua designsThe Ghanaian fabric has made another grand slam appearance…elegantly draped over the new fashion divas, straight from their maker’s studio to the fashion runway. The KUA Girls are the new fashion sensations and they are taking the fashion stage by storm. The KUA Girls, conceived in Atlanta GA, born in Accra, Ghana and raised in the fashion capital, New York City, are the brainchildren of Miss Ruby Buah. Name sound familiar…yup…Miss Buah was given a premiere shoutout in an earlier blog entry to showcase her creative flare in fashion jewelry making. Her jewelry line, Stringz Attached continues to make headway in the fashion jewelry market. Click on the following link for the blog piece on the introduction of Stringz Attached,

But word has it that Miss Ruby Buah has yet another knack in fashion accessories: the fashion clutch purse market is one brand deeper now as Ruby’s KUA girls  are in for the count!

In an attempt to Keep Us Authentic, KUA embodies the node where  elegance meets traditional. With the African fabric as her tool of trade, Ruby creates a concept that emphasizes the complementary appeal of the strength and boldness of  African culture and the intricate details of  a modern clutch purse. Each KUA girl possess a defining characteristic and design that personifies its African name and authenticity.

The KUA brand is further segmented into the Northern girl look and the Southern girl look. Each look symbolizes the cultural grain that underlies the northern and southern parts of Ghana. Looking to diversify your fashion accessories, or maybe looking for the most wanted gift idea for a friend or loved one or just looking to stay cool…adopt a KUA girl today! For more information on Kua Designs, please visit the Ruby’s blogspot at You can also find the fashion divas on Facebook by search KUA Designs!


Please visit our Hot or Not section and take part in our Hot or Not poll on KUA designs!!!

Also visit our Hot Seat section and get acquainted with our tushie toaster contender…Miss Boakyewaa Glover.

Well, that’s my time today folks, but do stick with me as I do have some very exciting things in store. Toodles! Oh and before I forget…remember to stimulate your trends with AJ’s Fashion Stimulus Kit!!!!


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