Walk a mile in my shoes…Your Fashion Stimulus Kit

18 Sep

stilettos3Anyone who said diamonds are a girl’s best friend totally forgot the unwavering relationship between a girl and her shoes! Call me crazy, but my shoes make the top of my friendship list any day, anytime!

Different shoes are appropriate for different occasions, as such it is very natural to see ones shoe space occupied with different shoe types, styles and colors.  Nevertheless, to be true to ourselves, I would like to believe that every woman may have a natural inclination to one particular shoe type. Its like every shoe type personifies a particular disposition, character, personality. There are different things that can influence our choices in shoes like latest style and trends, color,  comfort, occasions, price, practicality etc but when all is said and done, a woman’s personality can be summarized by that one shoe type that seems to be prevalent in her shoe collection.

The last time I introduced you to five male personalities based on personal style and swag (see updated post on male personality- our personalities have names now!: A Lil’ Something for the Fellas!). Today, let me introduce you to my five female personalities based on shoe  types. A good way to figure out which personality you embody is to just do a quick count on the number of shoes in your closet space under each shoe type…the declared winner is all you babes!!!


Is your natural choice of footware the rock n roll star of shoes – the stilettos? Then sexy, hot, flirty, confident are just a few of the words that describe your demeanor as you are strutting your stuff on the runway. You take no prisoners…your aim is to conquer and devour and you do it so well as you constantly give hungry eyes a sight to feast on. You usually go for the long leg look which is definitely enhanced by them stilts you call shoes, coupled with a pair of figure hugging pants or a micro mini shirt that plays with the imagination of your eager watching crowd. Height-wise, you are either vertically challenged, so you find solace in the ample height your stilettos provides you; or you are just plain greedy and need to add to the vertical generousity your Maker had for you. Here’s to the bad girl of shoes!, the rocker of footware – I call her “Yaa Asor”

POWER PUMPS!legs on couch

Do you crave the edgy look the stilettos provide, however toned down with  class and elegance? For you, elegance, class, style is what really rocks your boat! You are into a more versatile style that can double as an accessory during the day at work and as a companion out on the town at night. The power pump has a schizophrenic nature: strutting down the corridors of the executive suite by day and then firing up the velvet roped runway by night. The power pumps appeal to the sophisticated woman who is on the run a lot but needs to maintain her fierceness on the fashion runway she calls life. For her, height is key but so is class, elegance and style. Let me introduce you to “Abena Mansa”.


Do you have a lifetime affair with the earthy look? Still going for height however your comfort is near and dear to your heart. Would love to spot some platform shoes and call it a day, however the need to stay hype and in style directs you to a more stylish substitute. You are into the more natural look and colors. Your favorite getup involves a large maxi dress with intricate designs and flowers showing off your delicate shoulders, your face framed with a natural afro or twists and a neatly placed flower on one side of your ear and to top it all off, a stylish, yet comfortable pair of espadrills or wedges. You are “Ewurabena Comfort” .


Do you have a need to stay close to the ground? Words like comfort, sassy, fun, cute is most appealing to you when you think of shoes. You are thanking God for today’s fashion because it definitely has you in mind with so many options to chose from; ranging from full flat shoes to gladiator sandals. You are all about the practical side of life and you don’t buy into the pressures of height. For you, the skinny goes best with a cute pair of funky flats, contrary to what the Yaa Asors and Abena Mansas may think! You are “Ama Dufia”.

sneakers vrs heelsSNEAKERS

If you are spotting a pair each of the various different sneaker brands and your closet space looks like the inside of Ladies Footlocker…then here’s to you. Words to describe you will be very athletic, fun, tom-boyish, energetic…just to meniton a few. Your tom-boy nature allows you to appreciate the fact that sneakers can go with almost every outfit, however it looks best with a crisp pair of jeans and a smashing t-shirt. For you a pair of sneaker keeps you in your element and you cringe at the sight of the Yaa Asors and Abena Mansas. You think the Ewurabena Comforts are confused but could definitely hang with the Ama Dufias. You are “Asantewaa”

Think I missed a personality or dont think you fall in either…well be my guest and make up your own shoe personality! Share your shoe personality today! trying on shoes2

And with that, I ‘m out my fashionnistas. Oh before I forget….stimulate your trends with your fashion stimulus kit!!! Toodles!!!


10 Responses to “Walk a mile in my shoes…Your Fashion Stimulus Kit”

  1. Boakyewaa September 18, 2009 at 5:44 pm #

    Akua, you may need to create a whole new shoe personality for me!
    I am not a shoe person, I wear heels maybe once a year :(. If I had my way, I’d wear flip flops every single day! Even better, I’d rather not have anything on my feet at all. So maybe Funky Flats is closest to me, although I own only 1 pair of flats. Actually, I own only 1 pair of heels, 1 pair of flats, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 flip flop (branded flip flops tho), 2 slippers and 2 canvas loafers. Shameful! I know! So what does that make me, Akua?

    • ajabeasi September 18, 2009 at 6:25 pm #

      hahaha Miss B, interestingly enough I was about to add a sixth personality…ladies who just wanna feel the ground under their feet…no inhibitions…you are the free soul who just wants to let down her hair and just be you! My kind of woman!!! lol

  2. ruby September 18, 2009 at 7:33 pm #

    I was a Yaa Asor until I went back to school in New York and instantly became Ama Dufia. All that walking! Lol

    • ajabeasi September 18, 2009 at 10:27 pm #

      Good one Ruby…same thing happened to me…but now that I’m back in the A, I am an Abena Mansa!!!

  3. Nana Adwoa September 20, 2009 at 7:58 pm #

    I believe I embody all of these fine ladies but primarily Yaa Asor. VERY GOOD piece Akua. I love the blog(s)!

    • ajabeasi September 21, 2009 at 3:11 am #

      thanks for the love and support guys!

  4. Maxine September 21, 2009 at 7:37 pm #

    A person could be a combination of a couple of these I suppose. I find myself falling between a Yaa Asor and Ewurabena comfort! Pretty sweet blog!

    • ajabeasi September 21, 2009 at 11:49 pm #

      Definitely Maxine, however in most case you notice that you are very comfortable in one particular shoe type at one point in time. I once had a deep love for the heels but trust me…now I’m a sucker for the flats! Thanks for reading!

  5. Nana Afriyie September 23, 2009 at 8:43 pm #

    It aint easy walking in them stillletos not to talk of standing or dancing in them for even an hour. Ladies ya’ll know what I am talking about huh. I really do admire those who do it consistently and effortlessly………I love shoes and can’t seem to get enough of them in my closet but hey I have learnt from experience not to buy shoes I can’t enjoy. Bought shoes and hadto give them out so now its all about comfort……yeah once in while I do endure the pain in order to look sexy and hot but these days I choose comfort over pain. Where does that put me on the scale? I guess both Abena Mansa and Ama Dufie lol But honestly there is a perfect shoe for an outfit so I guess it depends on what look you got going on right? BTW Akua you blog is banging. Keep them coming. I will try and contribute regularly….

    • ajabeasi September 23, 2009 at 11:13 pm #

      As they say, beauty is pain and no pain no gain!!! Nana, just mail me all those shoes you cant wear (lol) I’ll rock them and make you proud!!! Thank for the love girl!!!

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