RenéeQ – The Every Woman!

2 Oct

Ever met a real life triple threat…well our featured guest is definitely a force to reckon with! Her three-line brand speaks volume on the fashion runway and her skill brings new meaning to creativity and style  She definitely has her hands full as she commands a dynamic fashion portfolio catering to the needs of the “every woman” and she does it effortlessly! Today we pow-wow with the fabulous and talented Renée Q Boateng as she introduces us to her visionary fashion brand RenéeQ!  

                                                     renee q makeuprenee q bespokerenee q accessories

Edgy, unique, artistic, stylistic are some words that describe her handiwork which is adorned with rich cultural expression in the form of her creative use of the African fabric, beads and designs. Renée’s genius represents the crossroads at which modern style meets cultural creativity. Her three line brand encompasses accessories, clothing and makeup. Through this brand,  Renéeprovides her loyal and fast growing clientele with a one-stop-shop fashion chest, where they can don expressive clothing with fabulous styles and colors; enhance their looks with alluring accessory pieces and accentuate their  facial curves with artistic strokes of her makeup brush. The RenéeQ coffers are stacked with some the most delightful creative pieces appropriate for the “every woman” for all occasions. Recently her flagstaff product, Bespoke (fashion clothing line) is making major headlines in the fashion pages and providing an option for the “Afro Diva”. Visit her website at RenéeQ  or her Facebook page to appreciate her talent.


                Bespoke1bespoke3bespoke2renee q red necklacerenee q black necklacerenee q pink necklace


Get to know the brain behind this fashion fineness – Interview with Renée Q Boateng:

…a mother, wife, sister, friend, bride or business executive. RenéeQ is every woman…


AJ: Tell us a little about RenéeQ, the person: Who is Renée Q. Boateng? 

Renée: I am very honest, sometimes to a fault. Hard working, creative, extremely determined and confident; with me, what you see is what you get. I can be quite impatient (work in progress) and seriously funny when I’m around people I am comfortable with.

AJ: Tell us a little bit about RenéeQ, the brand

Renée: RenéeQ is not just a brand, it’s an experience!  From getting your make up done, picking the right accessories for that amazing outfit to choosing a unique bespoke tee that shows off your femininity and individuality… it’s an experience that is personalized and enjoyable.


AJ: What inspired the RenéeQ experience/ brand?

Renée: The brand was created in 2006 to offer women a passion-driven and absolutely stylish alternative to their ideas on beauty and style.


AJ: Does your genius run in the family – is your talent innate or did you just pick it up along the way?

Renée: I’m blessed to be part of quite a talented family. My mum and aunt were making couture pieces for themselves even before we knew that term… my brother Rodney, is an amazing photographer, my cousin Elaine is into fashion PR and hosts an online radio station….my grandmum is absolutely stylish…the list goes on.


AJ:  Where do you see RenéeQ five years down the line?

Renée: RenéeQ aspires to be an established and well known brand, with fashionistas all over the world owning an original and distinctive RenéeQ piece.


AJ: Any encouraging words for youngsters out there who have a dream in fashion?

Renée: I always say this because I mean it – you can do ‘whatever’ you set your mind to…believe in yourself, put God first, make sure your idea is viable, work hard and tirelessly towards it. Keep your head up! God is always in control.


AJ: Any parting words for your reading audience?

Renée: Thanks for taking time out to read this. Grab your RenéeQ bespoke now–don’t be left out of the RenéeQ experience!!! 

AJ: Please share three interesting or wacky things about yourself

Renée: I am an amazing cook!

                 My fingers look and ‘act’ like there aren’t any bones in them— I may be triple jointed!

                 I get serious headaches when I haven’t relaxed my hair


So there you have it folks, could Renee’s genius be a result of her fashion conscious and talented lineage or maybe her quirky fingers…well, you be the judge! Check out her website and live  the RenéeQ experience!!! 

With that I’m out…stimulate your fashion trends with AJ’s fashion stimulus kit!


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