Fall 2009 Fashion Closet Raid…Your Fashion Stimulus Kit!

16 Oct

Prepare for a global closet raid…the fashion police are at it again – they are embarking on an international fashion sting mission and all guilty purps will be issued a fashion ticket! This is a warning…please be in the know!  Before I take cover, here’s a quick cheat sheet of must haves in your fashion closet for Fall 2009. Please select what applies to your circumstances and remain fierce!

What’s Hot in your closet this Fall:

leather leggings mainLethal Leather

This Fall, it is imperative to remain lethal with a dose of leather. At least one leather clothing piece is recommended – be it a solid leather jacket, sleek leather pants or my favorite… liquid leather leggings! If you don’t think you can pull off the pants settle for the leggings. For pete sake… have a leather eye patch for all I care, just remember to stay true to your lethal side in order to avoid a fashion fine!

leather leggings 2

military jackets1 Military Jacketsmilitary jacket4

Fall 2009 will not be complete without the military style jackets! A fad that played well into the rememberance of the King of pop (long live Michael Jackson) is now a high ranker in the must have pieces of Fall 2009. It provides a very structured look that is appropriate for both a causal and formal appeal when donned with a pair of flattering jeans or pants respectively. Add this to your Fall closet today and satisfy the fashionista in you!

military jacket 3

asymmetric1Asymmetric Cut – (One shoulder dresses and tops)

asymmetric3Looking to show a little skin in 2009, well do it fabulously with the asymmetric cut. The asymmetric or one shoulder cut dress or top provides a very flirty but elegant look which accentuates delicate but firm shoulders. Give them (your audience that is) something to marvel at as you rock the season’s sexy asymmetric styles! Razzle and dazzle them with those one shoulder finds!



Big Shoulder Look (Shoulder padded coats)shoulder pads

Who’d ever thought the ‘footballer’ look would come back again! Well we spoke a season too soon. The fashion runways of Fall 2009 are being bombarded by BIG 80’s trends. Big shoulder 80’s inspired jackets are what’s up. The shoulder pad is making its reappearance, providing a presence that no amount of confidence can out stage. Feeling all high and mighty? Well, do it well this Fall with the shoulder padded coat.


Ruffle blouses

ruffle1ruffle3ruffle 2ruffle4ruffle5ruffle6

In 2009, all attention is up top… No matter the style or color, ruffles say it best! Subtlety is a thing of the past. Added volume and flare provide everyday style blouses character, more sophistication and presence. Keep your closet exciting and a bit ruffled up this Fall!


skinny jeansSkinny Jeans

…a girl’s best friend…always have these handy. The skinny jeans is definitely a must have this Fall With its dual nature, skinnies double up as great causal pieces during the day and hot numbers at night while strutting those VIP lines.  They also go very well with other pieces in your closet. Make friends with a pair today and kiss your fashion blues away!



open toe bootsPeep Toe/Open toe booties

Saving the best for last…my most favorite trend for this Fall…the peep toe booties. Relief from those closed stuffy boots is here…now your toes can still breathe in the Fall and yup ladies that does mean you’ll need to keep up with your pedicure game throughout the season but not to worry… the fierceness is all worth it! Show a little skin…I mean toe… this Fall with sexy peep toe booties for the season. They make great stocking stuffers too! Wink wink!

open toe boots2open toe boots3


So now you have it…keep this guide handy the next time you make that shopping trip. The fashion police (FP) dont have a thing on you! Now we need to save our men too because the FP don’t play. Tune in next week for 2009 Fall fashion for men! And with that, I’m taking cover…need to go get me some Fall must haves! Remember, stimulate your trends with your fashion stimulus kit! Stay fierce!


2 Responses to “Fall 2009 Fashion Closet Raid…Your Fashion Stimulus Kit!”

  1. Maxine October 16, 2009 at 4:13 pm #

    Love it!!! My fave trend is the military jacket. I saw one at Forever21 for under $40 and it was really well made! Love all the shoes! Platforms and opened toed shoe are it! Every girl needs some ruffles. It is just so fun. I think my least favorite is the footballer look but hey, I’m warming up to it!

    • ajabeasi October 16, 2009 at 4:41 pm #

      You betcha Max…this Fall’s fashion is fierce and trust me, I’m on my way now to Forever to get me my military piece!With the shoes….way ahead of ya babes, got my open toe boots and I’m loving it!!! Never been a fan of shoulder pads but you never know. Thanks for reading. Do visit the Blazings News n Views section as well if you haven’t yet!

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