Fall 2009 Fashion Closet Raid For Men…Your Fashion Stimulus Kit!

31 Oct

MAIN IMAGEIn the Halloween spirit of tricking or treating… do I have a treat for you! Last week, women were told the gospel truth about fashion must haves for Fall 2009. This week, I’m feeling generous: here’s a treat for our fellas. Men fashion for Fall 2009 consists of an assortment of cuts and styles that accentuate the general muscular male physique. The fitted tailored look is what’s dazzling the runways.

What’s Hot in your closet this Fall:

56120850The Deep V-Neck Cardigans v neck main

This Fall, the ladies are not the only ones looking to show skin…the plunging v-neck line is a popular must have this Fall for the fellas. The brave ones amongst you would not mind showing off bronzed muscular chest…just enough to play with the curious imaginations of your eager viewing audience. However the more conservative of you could rock the deep v-neck cardigan on top of a simple t-shirt or a crisp buttoned up collared shirt and still look good enough to eat!. This look doubles up as a great causal look for a day out on the town as well as a sophisticated look for those velvet roped adventures at night.


Tailored Look/ Tailored Suits

This Fall the chunky look for the brothers has been ‘x’ed out. Suit, pant and shirt pieces are tailor made to fit the firm silouette and strong frame of the man bod. The fit must not be too tight but just right to pull of this fashion fad. The tailored look gives guys added reason to make that regular trip to the gym or keep active. Baggy is a thing of the past.

LEATHERLeather Jackets

Leather is also a must do this Fall for the fellas. A sleek leather number will do wonders to your swag this Fall. Maximum cool points to be gained with the sophisticated appeal of the leather jacket to fit, complementing broad shoulders and a chiseled torso, a sight guaranteed to inspire the masses. Definitely a lesson taught in swag 101. So spice up your fashion closet this Fall with a well fitted leather jacket. Take a ride on the wild side…trust me, the opposite sex will love you for it!

Be lethal in leather!


plaid man

Plaid Shirts

The functional appeal of the plaid shirt is making a comeback appearance on the fashion must have list. However today’s plaid look has been jazzed up from the tradition drab look to a more modern composition of colors, lines and angels. The boring plaid is out …giving way to more expressive colors and styles that appeal to the modern trend setter. With more variety to choose from, plaid provides an everyday, everytime and everywhere look that speaks to the fashion demands this Fall. Don’t under-estimate plaid this Fall

Three piece suit3 PIECE3 PIECE DIDDY

Looking to give more meaning to ‘daper’, elegance, sophistication….well then for this Fall, the three piece suit is all you. The three piece suit is demanding its fashion applause as it makes an encore presentation on today’s fashion runways. This fashion piece is what separates the boys from the men as it provides a sophistication that cannot be contested. The power suit is lacking when compared to this bad boy consisting of tailored made pieces, designed to give that fit that screams drive and ambition. Looking for something to push your closet one step ahead…well look no further, the modern three piece suit has the pizazz necessary to prepare you  for the big leagues this Fall.

So there you have it guys…this Fall don’t get tricked into outdated styles and fashions; use my fashion treat to its fullest! Your Fall shopping list must contain, if not all, at least one of these items to remain hot this Fall.

Remember to stimulate your trends with AJ’s fashion stimulus kit. Happy Halloween!


3 Responses to “Fall 2009 Fashion Closet Raid For Men…Your Fashion Stimulus Kit!”

  1. Maxine November 2, 2009 at 6:38 pm #

    Love the tailored look! There is an elderly gentleman at my church that pulls it off to a T! I always look forward to seeing him in His 3 piece! For some reason, my boo is not a fan of plaid!…arrgghhh… how can anyone not be?…lol

    • ajabeasi November 2, 2009 at 6:56 pm #

      Max, yeah it seem the three piece is coming back so these young men can definitely learn a thing or two from your stylish elderly gentleman. As for your boo not liking plaid, that’s the story of every girl’s life! Guys can be difficult when it comes to fashion and so you find out that they may resist certain trends but that fine as long as they still look good working with what they do like! But plaid on guys is really to die for!!!! lol

  2. mensredtags November 9, 2009 at 9:03 am #

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