Aya Morrison Takes the Fashion Capital by Storm

18 Dec

As the Manhattan pavement got pounded by the first wintry blast of the season, the premise of the Honey Lounge (243w 14th street) was blazing hot with the sizzling launch of the swimwear and accessories collection of Aya Morrison. Atmosphere? Electric…as the audience got served a steamy helping of hot runway fashion! The make-shift runway was a kaleidoscope of color, styles and fabric as Aya Morrison showcased her flag staff product of handmade vintage style purses and accessories cocooned in rich African fabric. By midnight, the temperature had reached an all time high as the runway went bananas with scanty cladded masked models strutting their stuff, donning original swimwear pieces laced with fine intricate African fabric. Unique swimwear pieces, accentuating both male and female favorite body parts, gave the eager crowd some eye candy to feast on!  The masked masquerade theme coupled with revealing pieces was an oxymoron paradise!

The walls of the Honey lounge were spewing excitement and anticpation as guests from all walks of life witnessed the launch of this fashion explosion! Check out some candid shots caught during the heat of the moment below:



Some general crowd reaction:

‘The swimwear,  I thought were great, it’s an eclectic twist with a hint of classic style’.  – Jeff O

‘Ohhh it was such a lovely night! Great party n beautiful pieces shown’.  –  Audrina

‘Quick show, nice products, lovely party. I think she should do this again, I LOVE AyaMorrison’. – Jennifer Castello

‘Although no stage, fashion show was pulled off on point. Still looked great, banging swimwear, sexy models, nice bags, pure talent n creativity in every sense of the word’. –  Adriane Williams

‘The Aya Morrison pre-launch party was very anticipated n I think it lived up to expectation. I wasn’t disappointed at all, it all went great!’ – Theodore Adepoju

‘Very impressive!’  –  Shaunette Amoah

‘Although I was late, I had lots of fun.  The Aya Morrison line is truly here to stay’. – Akyaa Ahwoi

‘All I can say is I can’t wait for the main Launch. A Simply banging fashion line’. – AdeRonke

Missed this fashion history being made, well don’t fret…for all those making their way back to the motherland for the festive season, be sure to catch another spectacular fashion upsurge as Aya Morrison takes on the city of Accra this December. Visit the newly launched Aya Morrison website  for more information on this as well as more stunning fashion must haves! Definitely great stocking stuffers this holiday season for loved ones…or heck yeah… for self!

With that, your fashion correspondent is signing off. Meet me here next week for another dose of your fashion stimulus kit! Toodles!




One Response to “Aya Morrison Takes the Fashion Capital by Storm”

  1. Maxine December 18, 2009 at 8:04 pm #

    YAY! Glad it went great. I really need to get one of the clutches!

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