A Blush of Genius!!!

23 Dec

“Many women believe that being well dressed is enough. An expensive suit and great shoes and they are all set. However, being well dressed is just one side of looking great, the other side is looking after you skin and hair and using makeup. Equal attention must be devoted to these aspects in order to achieve a great look. There are very few natural beauties in the world so don’t be afraid of resorting to make up to get that dewy look and beauty enhancement. Try our products to unveil the secrets of natural flawless make up made for you.” – Sacha Bruce-Adjetey

In the fashion world, timing is everything and SO Aesthetic Make-up company could not have been more on point with its grand launch timing! As the Ghanaian fashion industry continues to gather momentum and more emphasize is being placed on the importance of Ghanaian women looking their finest with the best available options in wardrobe, hair, make-up and grooming, there is a new growing revolution that demands the Ghanaian woman to be in charge of her appearance.  SO Aesthetic Make-up Company is one of those up-start companies empowering women to do just this through its vision, products and offered services. On December 4, the SO Aesthetic brand was officially launched at an exclusive cocktail event held on the SO Aesthetic studio premises at Viva Court, Osu, Accra. It was attended by about 150 fashionistas and clients looking for an alternative in make-up collection. Midst the tasteful music, delightful array of cocktails and canapés and elegant company, guests were introduced to the make-up collection and had an opportunity to sample products and services offered. Today Ghanaian women can give a sigh of relief as their frustration with finding the right makeup color and texture suitable for their ethnic skin tones and humid temperatures is of the past! SO Aesthetic provides an option for the African woman looking for a variety of colors and products at an affordable price.

SO AESTHETIC make up products are 100% Natural! Their formulas are free from talc, oils, fragrances, synthetic dyes, and other potential irritants for a flawless look.

Owner and makeup artist, Sacha Okoh, (now Sacha Bruce-Adjetey), identified the gapping need in the Ghanaian/African market and set out to bridge this gap with her genius. A year later, what was just a fleeting thought became a reality. SO Aesthetic makeup product line was born, providing a wide range of foundation colors, face powders, lipsticks, blushes, lip pencils, eye pencils, mascaras and eye shadows, and a collection of fine brushes. SO Aesthetic prides its products and services as that which embodies what the African woman demands in quality makeup at an affordable price.


As a student of the fine arts, Sacha compares her love for makeup artistry as that of an artist and her canvas. With each fine stroke of brilliance she is able to transform plain into sheer masterpiece. With an impressive portfolio working with various makeup and fashion houses in the United Kingdom and a distinction from the London School of Beauty and Make-up, Sacha emerged as a certified international makeup artist. Now Sacha does not see a dull moment as she includes to her accomplishments owner and entrepreneur of her self owned fashion makeup brand – SO Aesthetic. For Sacha, her brand not only caters to the needs and relieves the frustrations of most African women but also provides reliable resources and tools to professionals like herself in the make-up and fashion industry.

When it comes to creating signature looks, Sacha’s reputation proceeds her as her creativity and imagination has earned her the respect of clients both locally and internationally. Her portfolio of work is endless as she continues to grow her clientelle base and perfect her skillset as an international make-up artist. Listed are some of her past and present projects:

Make up photo shoots for Canoe magazine (Ghana) 2008-2009

UK Black hair Magazine 2008-2009

MAMA Africa MTV awards 2009

VLISCO fashion Ghana 2009

International Women Association Ghana, fashion show 2009

CANOE 53 Sails Fashion Fair 2009

Make up and styling for miss Ghana 2010

Make-up & Beauty exhibitions including The Joy Bridal fair, Cosmoprof, and Canoe sails 53 fashions fair in Ghana

A look into the crystal ball:

What does the future hold for Sacha and her fashion make-up powerhouse? Her selfless desires fuels her plans to setup a teaching and training school for makeup application and fashion consulting while in the same vein creating jobs in the working sector for young professionals who may have an interest in make-up artistry. Her ultimate goal, however is to move the SO Aesthetic brand to new heights making it an international household name and brand

SO Aesthetic Product and Services Provided: 

Find attached below a comprehensive listing of SO Aesthetic products and services. Click highlighted heading to view:

SO Aesthetic Product and Service Listing


Contact Information:

SO Aesthetic Company Limited/ SO Aesthetic Make up

               Viva Court (next to the old American Embassy)

               809, 11th Lane, Osu- Re. Accra.

               P.O Box 16414, Accra – Ghana. West Africa

               Tel studio: +23321 768231

               Tel office: +23321 776629

                Mobile:  +233243 201803

                Fax: +23321 786551

                Email: sacha@soaestheticgh.com


               Website: http://www.soaestheticgh.com


2 Responses to “A Blush of Genius!!!”

  1. Skin Moisturizers : October 27, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

    eye shadows that are waterproof are great and i always use them”*’

    • ajabeasi October 27, 2010 at 7:42 pm #

      Yes they are! They are definitely among the best things ever invented and I believe every real woman will second that motion! Thanks for reading!

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