The Fit to Summer Perfection…

25 Mar

For some of us, beach season is fast approaching, whiles for the rest… well, let’s just say the lucky devils live in perpetual sunshine and heat…so everyday is beach season! Well, beach season ultimately means bearing it all out…shedding all those clothes…showing some skin…the skimpier the better! A relaxing trip to the beach is definitely what the doctor ordered this summer as stress relievers but for most of us…this is where our stress levels heightens! For some, the quest for the best (or close to best) swimsuit body is in full effect whiles for others a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt is skimpy enough for their “fun in the sun” get away! Two things ladies:

One, very few are blessed with that naturally perfect body that seems to be very elusive in normal circles…useless of course, if you have Rihanna’s personal trainer and lets not forget, Rihanna-type money!

Two, lets work with what we’ve got and trust me, its plenty …complement your body shape with the right swim suit style or cut! And that would be the last of your swimsuit blues!

Thank goodness we have options out there ladies. Picking the right swim suit to fit your body shape can do wonders for your beach experiences. No more swimsuit apprehension or nightmares. The perfect look is only a perfect fit away. The illusion a cut, a bow, a tie or more or less fabric can give, is your ticket to a blissful swimsuit experience!

Looking for the great piece for you, well today is your lucky day! Here are some helpful tips on how to suit up this swim season based on your fine attributes…



Cleavage a bit elusive during your beach trips! No need to fret, nothing a little extra on top can’t fix! (by all means please stay away from the juvenile habit of stuffing bras with toilet paper, especially if you plan on touching water! OUCHE!). The adult approach:

  • Shop for tops with padding or under wiring. This of course gives the illusion of ample of cleavage and a far cry from bits of soggy toilet paper floating after you in the pool!
  • Ruffle tops – what’s hot now – also a favorite for the fair-busted! The added texture gives added breadth and a bustier look. Kill two birds with one stone this summer…get the busty illusion and do it looking hot in the latest swimsuit fad!
  • The bandeau and tiny tri-tops were actually made with you in mind so why not razzle and dazzle your audience with pure summer hotness and all that jazz!
  • What to avoid: Too much fabric and a bad fit!




You’ve got cleavage…and SOME! For you, support can definitely make or break your fun in sun! Refrain from the frustrated cop out of settling for a boring tee-shirt. You deserve to feel sexy and free without exposing those bountiful twins of yours:

  • The halter-top bikini was made with you in mind. Can we say SUPPORT! And plenty of it! Always opt for the piece that ties around the neck and is banded around the midriff for maximum support.
  • More of a one piece dame?…Well be sure to pick up the one piece with structure in the bust.
  • Make wide shoulder strappy pieces your best friend!   
  • What to avoid: Strapless bandeau tops and tiny tri-tops which do not provide much coverage or support – the things that matter to you the most!




Make your length work for you, however stay away from pieces that re-emphasize your length too much! Don’t want to be mistaken for a watering pole! Break the continum with the illusion of a two piece and add more breadth to each region of your body:

  • Embellishments are your best friends: ties, bows, rings, jewels at the hip and bust line
  • Horizontal striped, patterned or bright colored pieces provide your long frame that summer ‘kick’!
  • The monokini is all you baby!… if you are looking for a one piece that has the illusion of a two piece…the cut out piece (monokini) helps break up your long torso.
  • Calling all boy-shorts and cute ruffled skirts to the podium! Definitely a summer must-have for all my ‘long’ bodied friends out there! (no pun intended)
  • What to avoid: Vertical striped patterns, high necklines and dark solid colors.




For the cute and petitie ones amongst us…stealing some length from your long torsoed friends never worked and its not going to work now. However, let us use the illusions of cuts, necklines, and fabrics to our advantage! Just because you might be vertically challenged does not mean you should remain down! Here are some tips that would heighten your spirits:

  • Pieces that are cut high on the thigh can give the illisuion of longer legs, which is music to your ears!
  • Mix and match bikini pieces: a solid bottom matched with a print top draws the eys upwards providing a longer look
  • A plunging neckline on a solid one piece not only spells summer hotness but also provides the ever so desired lengthy appearance!
  • What to avoid: The downward attention of boy shorts and skirted bikinis draws attention to ones shortness!










Plus Size Figure

Where my big girls at!!! Now no one said you can’t join in the summer fun! You better strut your stuff and do it like you mean it hon! You too can show some skin in all the right places!

  • A solid one piece, a deep v-neckline…and va va voom…you are absolutely “vabulous”!
  • A patterned or solid swimdress swim suit provides added confident and flair to your day in the sun. 
  • Darker and cool colors with solid panels running along or the side of the torso or under the bust provides the slimming effect.
  •  A nicely placed sheer sarong can complement a well put together swim ensemble.
  • What to avoid: Suits with too much fabric, white, neon or very bright colors.



Bootilicious? CHECK! Loving it? DOUBLE CHECK! A little junk in the trunk never stopped anybody from having fun…so why should it now!

  • Those cute mini skirted bikinis….its all you babes! Tease your audience with those new flirty styles! However be sure to go for the smooth and less ruffled types
  • Mix and match bikini pieces: a solid bottom coupled with a print top draws more attention up top
  • Balance out your look by selecting pieces that add more breadth to your top area. Ruffles on top will attract attention up top.
  • What to avoid: Skimpy bottoms, boy shorts and lots of ruffles or details at the hips.



Tummy conscious

Washboard abs eluding you again this swim season? … well you are not alone! Two possible solutions here: either double up on those sit ups and hope for a miracle or opt for a swimsuit that can work wonders…latter sounds more promising:

  • Swimsuits with tummy control panels are definitely your best friends!
  • Interested in a two piece look, however maximum coverage is important to you, then opt for those fancy tankini style swimsuit that give the coverage of a full piece, however the sexiness and flexibility of a bikini!
  • A one piece with panels or draping along the waist or hip area is a sure bet to hide the problem area!
  • What to avoid: Tiny bikini (to the extreme right) and boring solid color one piece suits (to the extreme left). 


Now remember ladies…no one is perfect.. but we can have the illusion of perfection! Don’t let your swimsuit nigthmares stand in the way of your fun in the sun dreams! Make your assets work for you because you deserve to sizzle in sun and not break a sweat doing it! Happy swimsuit season!!!!

Sample swimsuits featured here as well as other styles can be found at Newport News and Victoria Secret.


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