RUE 107…Highway for the Fierce & Bold!

17 Jan

Think flashy… think edgy…think fierce…a fashion statement that feeds the creative aura and transforms the simple into electric! The vision of a young, up and coming designer, manifested into a fashion line for today’s woman who is not afraid to demand that extra bit of attention: that intrigued eye, that inquisitive stare or that looming glance, just enough to compliment her confidence. The designer: Marie Jean Baptisteher brainchild: RUE 107!

RUE 107 is definitely not for the fashion meek at heart! In 2011, are you looking for that statement that will sky-rocket your closet over boiling point and give your sex appeal some extra  va va voom? Well then I dare you to take a walk on the fierce side and take RUE 107…

Marie Jean Baptiste speaks about RUE 107…

AJ: Who is Marie Jean?

MJ: Well, let’s see.  I am a Haitian gal with big dreams and determination to make them come true.  I’ve been dabbing in fashion for about 8 years now. (Geez, I’m getting old, hahaha!) Did some styling, vintage selling, reworking vintage, launched my jewelry business, Funky Lobes in 2008.  I restructured everything this past summer and went back to my first love, fashion designing; hence Rue 107.

AJ: What’s the tale of you and fashion?

MJ: I’ve always had a very vivid imagination as a child, and was immensely drawn to vibrant colors, art, and crafty projects.  After high school, my natural inclination was to study fashion.  I applied for FIT, didn’t get in the fashion design program, went to nursing school as my family suggested;  but I  made it my business to take side internships in fashion, and learn as much as I could; especially from my mentor Lemington  Ridley.

AJ: Inception of Rue 107…

MJ: I think it was a natural progression from where I started.  When I was younger, there was so much confusion as to how I was going to be a ‘fashion designer’.  I felt like all the odds were stacked against me, and my world felt so small.  I think that’s why I dabbed into so many things that seemed more attainable to me before going for the big F.D (fashion design).  Rue 107 was my chance at freedom.  Free all the possibilities, all the dreams that were almost suffocating me.  Making it happen.

AJ: The name Rue 107… any personal significance?

MJ: My mom was talking to me on the phone, a couple of months after the earthquake in Haiti, and she was telling me about the condition of the street our house is located on in Haiti.  She kept repeating it over and over again, Rue Sassine….and as she was talking, the number 107 was written on the wall in front of me, and something just clicked at that particular moment.  Bam! Moment of clarity.

AJ: What inspires your creations?

MJ: Of course color, lines, sex appeal, attempting to make the simple interesting.

AJ:  Who do you consider to be your target market?

MJ: The woman who is looking for a little bit more…maybe a tad more attention.  She wants to stand out, but not intimidate.  She has fun with fashion, and inspires others to do the same.

AJ: Personally, what one word, if any, would describe your pieces? 


AJ: What does the crystal ball predict for RUE 107 (Future plans) ?

MJ: Of course! more stores, more clients, more events, global expansion!

AJ: Your reading audience would like to know a bit more about Marie Jean and RUE 107, interesting fact(s) if you will?

MJ: I never sketch.  I hate the word ‘fashionista’.  I am looking for a business partner.  I am feverishly in love with what I do.  I don’t know if any of the above is interesting though. haha!

AJ: Hahaha, it will suffice for now! Any advice to those looking to break into the fashion industry…

MJ: Well I am breaking into it myself so I don’t know if i’m the best person to shed out advice…but I think confidence goes a long way.  yeah I think in the beginning, confidence and blind faith are absolutely necessary to fight the uncertainties, those very quiet days when no orders are coming in.

AJ: How about a lil’ free style for your reading audience…

MJ: Live. Live.  Live.  Make each day count, and wear Rue 107  🙂

Well, you definitely don’t have to tell me twice…I’m living, living and definitely living in 2011 and RUE 107 is definitely my new best friend! To test drive on RUE 107, check out the Rue 107 online store. Also become a fan of the Rue 107 Facebook page!


One Response to “RUE 107…Highway for the Fierce & Bold!”

  1. LOw January 18, 2011 at 7:35 pm #

    Own me some Lorens! Definitely love how they make me feel fearless. 🙂

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