A Distinguished Touch – Edward Armah

9 Mar

The threads on a man’s back speak volumes of where he is, where he has been and where he is going! Sophistication is a state of mind and men wear it well when it is infused with style, confidence and class. The distinguished gentleman is among an exclusive club of fashionable intellects who understand what it means to look good irrespective of occasion, company or circumstance and the Edward Armah brand caters to this exclusive clientele.


With humble beginnings from Ghana, West Africa, Edward Armah is redefining high society men’s fashion with his vast fashion knowledge and expertise and his self-titled brand of exquisite furnishing goods for men. With over a decade of fashion experience, he is paving the way for other African fashion trendsetters who aspire to make their mark in the global marketplace. His global fashion knowledge precedes him as a force to reckon with.


The Edward Armah brand is synonymous to style, high-end couture, sophistication and class. The product line includes handmade bowties, ascots, vests, handkerchiefs and silk robes. The flagship product – the reversible handmade bowties – was the inspiration for  Butterflies Bowties LLC which recently became Edward Armah.

Who is the Edward Armah customer?

‘The EDWARD ARMAH customer is one who wants to express himself with a form of art. He breathes sophistication and speaks style. He is an affluent international man, who pays attention to detail. He is well educated, successful and takes pride in his loyalty to the brand. Once he has found the product that soothes his demand, he is unwilling to compromise. He constantly expects timeless quality and service and has no qualms about paying a premium price for it. In sum, the EDWARD ARMAH customer chooses the brand as a means to express his unique personality, his lifestyle and/or his culture’. -Edward Armah

Among Edward Armah’s star studded clientele are Andre 3000 Benjamin of award winning hip-hop group Outkast, Fonzworth Bentley and Chris Brown just to mention a few.


The making of the Butterfly bowtie runs parallel to the dynamism of a butterfly’s lifecycle, in that different developmental stages are employed to transform a signature process into an artistic masterpiece. The butterfly bowtie is identified by its strategic chosen pattern, fine silk texture, bold and alluring color and handmade detail. Its exquisite design is among an exclusive collection of only a hundred of its kind per collection.

Through the creation of his bowties, Armah is able to capture the essence of sophistication topped off with a dash of fun and expression. The bowtie is no longer reserved only for high profile occasions, but can transcend into a life of leisure and fun while still keeping that hint of sophistication and class intact. Armah considers his bowties a wearable art and his customers an important part of a canvas that transforms fashion into a creative expression.

The Edward Armah brand has become a household name in Nieman Marcus and can be found in locations in New Jersey, Vegas, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta and Chicago, It can also be found in various specialty men’s wear shops including Stanley Korshak in Dallas, MacQueens in Houston, Kens Men’s Shop in Dallas, Tuxedo Park in New York, Kilgore Trout in Ohio, Sabastein Gray in Illinois, Andrew Davis Mens wear and Benedetto Mens in Maryland, just to mention a few.

Be sure to rub shoulders with this distinguished gentleman at the 8th Annual African Economic Forum, Columbia University on March 25 -26. However, you can also read more on Edward Armah – the brain and the brand at Edward Armah homepage.


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