Piecewise Fashion – KUA Designs (Ruby Buah)

11 Mar

A good fashion ensemble is made fierce with the right attitude…and fabulous accessories!  My next feature is no new comer to dazzling fashion accessories and is a hot favorite on our runway. What better way to stay true to your identity than to embrace a fashion brand whose ultimate goal is to Keep Us Authentic!


Ruby Buah’s creative journey began like many of today’s up and coming fashion designers; who stumbled on their creative genius by chance, and without a glance back, threw caution and the stability of a corporate job to the wind and embarked on a journey to hone in her artistic talents. Ruby Buah established a fashion brand that mimicked her babbly attitude and fun temperament, as well as allowed her to showcase her strong African heritage – a brand she so rightfully dabbed KUA. Currently, Buah is wrapping up a fashion degree in New York at the Fashion Institute of Technology where her selected program is geared towards entrepreneurship and jewelry design.


Named after Ruby’s mother, the KUA brand also stands for Keeping Us Authentic, both in name and in concept. The KUA brand is home to fabulous African inspired clutches and handbags as well as is the adopted home for exquisite jewelry pieces initially housed under the Stringz Attached name.

In the Fall of 2010, KUA debuted its BOLD jewelry collection that included exquisite jewelry pieces made for the 21 century woman who is not afraid to stand out. True to the KUA jewelry pieces is a combination of daring colors, unique stones and quintessential designs that makes the pieces appropriate for all occasions.

The KUA Girls (African inspired clutches and bags) however remain the flagship product of the KUA brand. Conceived in Atlanta GA, born in Accra, Ghana and raised in the fashion capital, New York City, the KUA girls have indeed become international sensations,  as they make must-have pieces for every woman’s closet!

With African fabric and materials as her tools of trade, Ruby creates a concept that emphasizes the complementary appeal of the strength and boldness of  African culture and the intricate details of  a modern clutch purse. Each KUA girl possesses a defining characteristic and design that personifies its African name and authenticity. The KUA brand represents the classic marriage of modern, elegance and traditional.

Currently, Ruby and the KUA brand are touring the US, hosting Shop and Mingle events in various States. However future plans include international destinations for these events as well. If you will be in the Dallas area on March 12, 2011, be sure to extend them a hearty welcome.

For more information on the Dallas Event click on the flyer above.

Also be sure to meet Ruby Buah at this year’s African Economic Forum organized by Columbia University on March 25, 2011. For more information on how Ruby is Keeping Us Authentic, visit KUA website or KUA on Facebook


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