Freakum Dress – Coccolily (Naana Tennachie Yankey)

23 Mar

Our next feature is definitely in a league of her own!  Think elegance, tempered with a touch of provocative!! She gives new meaning to fierce elegance as she attempts to disrupt simple chic with the conflicting effects of solid bold colors, lace and geometric patterns and cutouts. Her  cunning play of the practicality of monotone color, the sheerness of lace and the modern appeal of geometric cut out patterns provides a fashion oxymoron that exudes simple yet extraordinary, sassy yet provocative, demure yet sexy!  With her designs, she is dominating the fashion runways with refreshing, original and stunning couture pieces. Meet Naana Tennachie Yankey and her fashion brand, Coccolily.





Naana Tennachie Yankey consummated her love affair with fashion when she finally bided adieu to a career in business. Naana was well on her way to make fashion history when she apprenticed with Marc Jacob in New York. Naana later moved to Montreal to study Fashion Design at the Academy of Arts and Design in Montreal, Quebec and then worked under Eve Gravel. This was the prologue to the Coccolily fashion story. A story that is well influenced by Naana’s colorful background: born in Ghana, raised in the United Kingdom, studied in the United States and currently residing in Canada.  Naana envisioned a fashion line of couture lounge and evening wear that would evoked a sensual, bold and edgy appeal.  Coccolily soon became an outlet for Naana’s creative genius.


The name Coccolily is a word play of the two things Naana loves the most – chocolates and lilies. Nevertheless, it does not stop at that; the brand represents what is decadent and refined, yet gentle and flawless with a slap of sexy for good measure! Naana’s diverse and colorful background creates a reliable pool of inspiration for her designs, however, no matter her source of inspiration, her pieces are never lacking the sophistication, edge and sex appeal that is typical of all her collections. Staying true to her belief that every woman deserves to be draped in luxury, Naana uses haute-couture fabrics mainly from Italian mills, which gives each item a touch of sophisticated European flare.

The compelling designs  of the Coccolily brand earned it an international following during Montreal and Toronto fashion weeks. It is also a featured favorite in a number of fashion publications and media outlets including Elle Quebec, Cosmopolitan UK, Flare, Fashion, ET Canada, CTV, just to mention a few. For a more extensive listing please visit Coccolily Press.

So what does the crystal ball hold for Naana and her fabulous line?

“There are many exciting things happening this year. The line is expanding this year, which means more exposure for us. We can not wait to share with the world! There is a bright future head, God willing!”  – Naana

In the very near future, however, do make it a point to meet Naana and her Coccolily brand in person at the 8th Annual African Economic Forum being held in Columbia University New York on March 25, 2011.

“I would like to thank each and everyone for your support and patronage of Coccolily! Please visit our website, blog and facebook page to get the latest on what’s up with Coccolily! Blessings!” – Naana Tennachie Yankey.


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