It’s a jungle out there…

6 May

… and this summer all hail to the leopard and its glamorous coat, because it is definitely this fashion season’s newly found muse!  There is a new king of the jungle… the fashion jungle, that is, and Simba has nothing on him! From fashion accessories – belts, scarfs, sunglasses, underwear, handbags, headwear, jewelry – to shoes and garments; they all bear the mark of the beast…

This summer the phrase being fierce takes on a deeper meaning as leopard spots redefines life on the wild side. Add a little jungle to your terrain. Here are some of my favorite pieces that appeal to my animal instincts:

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to the newest addition to my footwear collection: I like to call her Lola…because what Lola wants…Lola surely gets! Lola definitely has mama looking like a million bucks and change, as I strut my stuff! My love affair with animal print began when I first laid eyes on Lola…the animal in me just had to have her. Our union was sweet. however very intoxicating because she had me obsessed with her kind – the special ones carrying the mark of the beast! I found my Lola at Zara, but good luck, she does a mean vanishing act if you are not quick!

Scarves are definitely important pieces to any fashion ensemble, however they become a must have when they bear the spots of the leopard! There was no shame in my game when I snagged the last scarf of its kind aimlessly hanging  with the lot in the scarf section at my neighborhood Express joint. Its bold features and animalistic appeal definitely beckoned to my feminine wild; and faster than you can say Jimmy, I had bagged that bad boy and off we went home to reconnect with my Lola!

Now you wont imagine my luck when I came across yet another clan member of the animal print fashion accessories. It spelt sophistication and elegance and for a second, I could see in my mind’s eyes my pants, skirts and jeans singing my praises for pairing them up with such a stylish piece of art. The leopard print thin belt, also a great feature at Express, is part of my jungle fever fashion routine.

The cat must be out of the bag, because this item is totally to die for and the next in line in my feline themed shopping spree. It says it all, designer, stylish, chic and more importantly it bears the mark of the beast: its the Prada leopard print bowler bag! Would love to make it mine.

Now definitely our outwardly ensemble should to some extent join in the jungle revolution, but why stop there…lets keep our inner pieces sexy and obedient to the kitty cat’s meow as well! Our very own Vicky secret can be of great assistance with their leopard print lingerie.

It’s definitely a jungle out there, so make sure you are prepared this summer season with a touch of feline!


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