Kayobi – African Grafiti

18 Jul

With everything ‘African’ becoming pop culture…why not push it a bit further! Well my next designer is creating a buzz in the Diaspora with African slang and artform!

So much for daddy scolding me as a child for using African slang or what we the natives call pidgin! For one thing, he was right about it not adding much to my grammar construction, however he never said anything about it being a lucrative artform! Well Kwabena Boateng, creator of Kayobi clothing, is putting African slang to work as the muse for his T-shirt collection. The premise of his clothing line lies in the catchiness and uniqueness of well known African slang and artform on graphic tees.  

His flagship product ‘Make Fufu not War’, which ultimately suggests sitting down to a hearty meal of fufu (a popular meal from Ghana) to be  a reasonable alternative to war, resonates with his native and foreign clientele. Other products like ‘Oh Chale’ and ‘Fine Boy’ bring smiles to patrons as they identify with these well known Ghanaian terms. With most of his client base in the United Kingdom and Ghana, Boateng is aiming for Global domination with his clothing line; a move well positioned and just in time for the ongoing African renaissance!

Boateng and his team are among what they call the  ‘New World Africans’ (NWA), who basically represent young African visionaries who are redefining and repositioning Africa as a force to reckon with in the Global society. For Boateng, Kayobi represents a badge of honor and identity for NWA.

For more information on Kwabena Boateng and his creation Kayobi Clothing, get plugged in:

                                                              Check Kayobi out at Kayobi Clothing 

                                                               Like them on Facebook

                                 Parouse through their 2009 Summer Lookbook 


One Response to “Kayobi – African Grafiti”

  1. kradlekouture July 21, 2011 at 1:48 am #

    Nice read sis

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