AJ’s Laws of Improvising…

27 Jul

A couple of months back I told my tale of how I cured my shopaholism (Confessions of a shopaholic)… okay, okay so cured is too strong a word…let’s just say how I toned it down a bit. But you really cannot blame me – I am only a victim to these designers and trendsetters; they keep taunting and teasing…and teasing and taunting! It’s such a nightmare trying to stay good (such a drama queen!). I did, however, totally give up the idea of going completely cold turkey on shopping… (maybe one day when I am old and grey), but I am in a happy place now – I have mastered the art of improvising and I am at peace. But hey, what can I say; old habits die hard. I still find myself every now and then drunk with merchandise and hang over on retail receipts… and yes, I am still concealing my buys of the day in my cluttered closet and under my clogged bed… nevertheless, I am A-OKAY!

The walk of improvising is a steep one, however I always keep three key items as my tools of inspiration…the old, the new and imagination!

The Old…

The old represents my past life; the fashionable things I may have gathered over the years – hey, they did say fashion repeats itself – so yes, I am a clothing hoarder! It will take a miracle and a prayer to get me to free myself from some of my old treads… the fashionable ones of course. Yes, every now and then I do encounter the unfortunate situation of a significant rip or tear, or my body parts just not cooperating with an item anymore. And there have been occasions when items just mysteriously vanish after constant threats from family members who have taken it upon themselves to determine when my relationship with an item has matured. Nevertheless, my old items still remain near and dear to my heart. Now hold up; in no way am I condoning the harboring of bell bottom pants and shoulder padded shirts – burn those, if you have a moment! But some old things are just worth keeping around for a while to see if they serve you right in the near… or far future, depending on the item.

The New….

The new always keeps you from looking like a hippie or desperate for an extreme makeover. The new is the fun part for me because guess what… I still get to shop for new trends and do this moderately. Definitely a win-win situation for me and my wallet! The new is my transformer, if you will; it will take an outfit from pre historic times and give it that modern and up with the times look. If a new does not solicit a comment like “oh cute outfit”, “or nicely put together”, even though you know for a fact that you are wearing a couple of pieces made a century ago, then your ‘new’ is definitely not working for you! From my personal opinion, ‘news’ usually come in the form of belts, shoes, blouses, scarves, sweaters, blazers, jackets and shoes (yes I have shoes down twice just to stress my love for them). Now a note of caution, it is very imperative to keep pants in the new category – some pant cuts could be versatile and translate okay in a new fashion era, but not always the case. If you are a pants wearer, you do need to be up to par with your pants or jeans game because wearing the wrong cut can definitely set you back. Same goes for jackets, blazers and coats…and shoes.

Some imagination, a prayer…and Voila!

Now the ending outfit is where it’s at! Pieces… old and new are just that … pieces, until imagination and style come to play. It is not as simple as just putting new and old pieces together. Improvising is never short of imagination. Imagination in turn is influenced by current trends, what’s hot and of course the most important ingredient; your personal sense of style. I cannot stress this enough; the ‘one style fits all’ approach is definitely one of fashion’s mishaps (I am still trying to figure out which brainiac came up with that mess). Knowing what style suits you is the first order of business for an improviser. An outfit is made not only by the pieces that go into it (maybe 30%) but it’s all about the person wearing the outfit, the swag… how you carry yourself in what you wear (definitely 70%). So if you fall victim to the ‘everybody is wearing it” phenomena but it does not look good on you, then unfortunately, my dear misled fashionista, you  have failed miserably in fashion 101.

Now granted, not every outfit is going to elicit a standing ovation from your watching audience, hence the prayer part in the mix! (Haha just kidding!), unless if you think praying about your closet choice will help your overall outcome, hey do you! But again, you are not always going to score cool points for an outfit you put together but who cares, as long as you are having fun and feeling tres bien, you’ve got my vote!

So there you have it, the laws of improvising according to the gospel of AJ! Now, in no way, shape or form am I claiming to be the voice of improvising…or maybe I am… whatever the case, this is just my theory! But talk is cheap they say…so how about some practicals or illustration?

So, a couple of my work colleagues insisted that I share my style with the world in the form of a blog about what I wear to work. As much as the thought was a bit frightening and invasive, I thought it intriguing too. So here goes;  stay tuned for my next entry where I actually walk this talk! Toodles!!!


4 Responses to “AJ’s Laws of Improvising…”

  1. Kissie July 28, 2011 at 3:41 am #

    Just watch out for the people who work/sit/live nearby … they’ll be asking for or trying to get the “old” …

    • ajabeasi July 28, 2011 at 1:43 pm #

      Hahahaha Kissie, they would have to fight me for my old!!!! hahahahaha

  2. Maxine July 28, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    YAY! Do it! I love fashion blogs and you always got your game on!

    • ajabeasi July 29, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

      Still quite apprehensive about this project, but hey its my style and I plan to have fun with it….so I hope you guys have fun too! Thanks Max for the support!

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