Memoirs of a Closet Freak – Take 4: When in Doubt…Accessorize!!!

9 Aug

Every now and then, our outfits need facelifts; and what better enhancing tools to employ then accessories!!! Accessories add the fierce to any style! A simple pair of trousers and blouse combo can be transformed into a fashion piece guaranteed to turn heads. The fun thing about accessories is that they come in all shapes and sizes, all forms and colors – there is an accessory for every style! My fashion accessory of choice would be shoes, shoes and…oh yes more shoes. However, I do love scarfs, hats, jewelry, bags…and the list is endless. I recently fostered an attachment to thin belts and my collection is ever growing!

Accessories always keep me on track with being trendy and  fashion forward. Accessories are definitely ‘news’ that keep an outfit up to par and in vogue. I will admit it, I too am a slave to the ‘animal print’ frenzy that has taken over the fashion world! I have a feline fetish and I believe I made this quite obvious in my post  It’s a Jungle Out There…

 A nice pair of trousers and a simple blouse is the bare minimal for a corporate setting, but there is no rule book that prevents a little edge in the office …  or a little jungle fever to be more exact! Well, let me re-introduce you to my jungle pals, just in case you did forget:

'Lola' and the gang

‘Lola and the gang’ definitely handle theirs as they sprinkle a little fierce onto my corporate minimal – a little jungle upgrade if you will!  To be fair my Express tapered pants do not need much of an upgrade because they in their own stride, exudes  fashion forward and stylish as a result of their fitted cut and fancy side panels; definitely a favorite in my pant collection.  On the flip side, my tan sleeveless crew top can definitely benefit from accessorial embellishment, since it is a part of my pre-historic finds during my Big Apple days.

 Throw in a jacket or blazer and you’ve got yourself an ideal business, yet sexy and fashion forward ensemble for the professional looking to make a BOLD statement.

You don’t need to spend a million bucks to look and feel like a million bucks … first rule in my improvising handbook!


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