Memoirs of a Closet Freak – Take 6: Wearing the Pants…

17 Aug

Overall I would consider myself an avid ‘pant’ or should I say ‘trousers’ wearer. Don’t know if its because of the element of comfort I personally think it provides or its ability to conceal my narrow ankles – a part of my physical anatomy that I am not so proud of! I think the former stands firm because not only does a pair of trousers keep me nimble and a bit more active in the workplace, but strangely enough I do feel a sense of extra confidence in pants.

Or maybe its the different cuts that just tickle my fancy – the editor cut, the signature cut, the tapered or skinny leg cut, the painter cut, the wide leg or sailor cut….I could go on for days! What you will realize is that each cut has the most appropriate way to style in order for the cut or fit to really stand out. Now, this is my shameless two second marketing plug in for NY& Company – I love their pant selections! Not only do they usually have a wide variety of pant cuts but also sizes: the petites,the short, the regular and the tall! OMG! (NY& Company you can pay me now! LOL). One of my major fashion pet peeves are hanging pants!!!! I cringe at the sight of these! ( It really took me a minute to get used to the capri cut – for a second I thought the fashion world was playing some kind of prank on me!)  Anyway, thank goodness for NY& Company’s tall cut because I love my pants to drape over my shoes – thank you very much!  The tall works perfect for me because, although I am not the tallest dame out there -5’7 (normal height), I do love, LOVE my heels and I would rather step out in my unflattering nightshirt before I wear a pair of pants with hems bearly touching the the top of my shoes!

Anyway as I mentioned above, most pant cut have a more appropriate way to style. For example a wide leg pant cut best goes with a more fitted top or one that accentuates a narrow waist. This cut looks less appealing when paired with a baggy or more loose draping top. A baggy top on the other hand would go better, in my opinion, with a more tapered leg or skinny cut pant. A fitted top coupled with a wide leg pants allows for a more proportional look and prevents the less flattering ‘sack’ look. This look might do wonders for a pimp or big daddy (or not!) but definitely does nada, zero, zip, zilch for us sistas with curves!

I prefered to match my black, white and grey patterned wide leg pants (NY & Company) (definitely a work favorite) with my black NY & Co waist coat and my Express white shirt. My Express white shirt also ranks high in my ‘work collection’ because the fabulous bow on top adds a little extra styling to a plain simple white shirt. To add a little bit of color and for further emphasis on a narrow mid-section, I solicited the help of my thin purple belt. For color enforcement, I had on my purple pumps and purse – just a little color for taste.  These pieces work together, in my opinion, to provide a more proportional flow and classy look that is ideal for a work day.

Now an example of a baggy top on a tapered pair of trousers: this stylish find I grabbed at T.J Max, goes very well with my Express tapered pants. Again this look provides a more proportional look, simple yet elegant enough for the board room.

So remember, pants (trousers) are definitely ‘news’ necessary for the work closet but more importantly knowing how to style a particular cut or fit is what makes wearing the pants fun! Now let the fun begin people – check out New York and Company’s yearly pant sales! Today is the last day!!!! See you at the checkout line!


4 Responses to “Memoirs of a Closet Freak – Take 6: Wearing the Pants…”

  1. PearlsPeeptoesPretty August 17, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    I like! I’m not curvy so I have a hard time pairing tops with pants…I’m wider up top. Any suggestions?

    • ajabeasi August 18, 2011 at 3:26 am #

      Great point there. Yes body shape is also very important when styling. In your case, a wider top and more narrower bottom is actual a perfect candidate for wide leg pants because this will give you ample breadth below. This will be best matched with a fitted top again to maintain a nice balance on top and below. But stay away from a blouse with too much fabric, as this could widen your top a bit more. Hope this helps

  2. Gynja August 18, 2011 at 2:35 am #

    Madam-this shada is on point! I have been on and off facebook for a while but boyyy- I am loving all your pieces -I think you should so something in the fashion industry -you just got it!


    • ajabeasi August 18, 2011 at 3:28 am #

      Thanks Ruth! From your lips to God’s ears!!!

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