Memoirs of a Closet Freak – Take 8 – Bidding Summer Adieu…

11 Oct

Wearing the right outfit is only half the battle…knowing what fits you and the colors that complement your complexion goes a very long way in graduating an okay outfit to a ‘stop dead in tracks’ outfit! Now there is no rule book out there (as far as I’m concerned) that states one must go all out when dressing for leisure, and just leave dressing to work to chance! I mean think about it, as adults we spend about 70% of our lives at work – now that is a very large fraction of your life you are leaving to chance! 

As the last bit of summer finally leaves the building, I wanted to close our summer chapter with some food for thought – Remember style is all about how you wear your items and not necessary what items you wear!

Today, to officially close out the summer, let me introduce my colleague Lauren. She definitely knows how to work with pieces and colors to accentuate her features and does this effortlessly. Still basking in the influences of the summer we have left, Lauren is in her flirty patterned dress. The floral undertones of greens, browns and white matches her light complexion perfectly. The solid brown accent belt provides the outfit the contouring look it needs, emphasizing Lauren’s full-figure hourglass shape. The final touch comes in the form of her lime green mid-heel pumps.

This outfit spells comfort and definitely sass! A great ensemble for work which doubles as a perfect afterwork piece – a causal drink with the girls or a quick bite with the beau!


One Response to “Memoirs of a Closet Freak – Take 8 – Bidding Summer Adieu…”

  1. Busola October 11, 2011 at 9:10 pm #

    That’s my Lauren! 😉

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