Memoirs of a Closet Freak – The Color Edition: Color me African

19 Jul

Howdy folks! I believe a ‘Happy New Year” is way overdue, seeing that I have been lost in transition since the beginning half of the year! But in no way would I let that threaten our relationship. I am back with your favorite summer series – Memoirs of a closet freak and this summer, we mean business… styling business that is! Last summer I set out to share with you some of my styling ideas and influences and this summer is no different; apart from the fact that I would love for you to share your tips as well, so please do send in pictures of your summer outfits and let’s keep each other informed on how to do this fashion thing.

Now to dive right into it; if I was to summarize this summer’s fashion using one word – it would be COLOR! We are in the summer of color; and bright bold hue is the ingredient of choice for most designers. The dull and the drab are taking a hiatus while the more fierce and daring are making fashion statements.  This summer there is enough color to go around, so make sure you get yourself a hearty helping of it! Color blocking is this year’s ‘it’ thing. But don’t get it twisted, it is not just about throwing some random colors together and calling it fab…there is a science to it and today is NOT the day I am going to instruct you on the technique of color blocking because quite frankly I am no expert myself. However I can show you a way I get my colors to play nice and complement each other.

One of my reliable inspirations for color blocking ideas….wait for it….African print! Yup, I said it…African fabrics represent a kaleidoscope of color, shapes and patterns; and in my opinion embodies the essence of color blocking. The makers of African print are visionaries, they have been practicing color blocking since time memorial and the evidence is in the matched vibrant colors used for African fabric. Not only does African fabric exemplify the basic principles of color blocking but also informs the possible colors which could complement each other when putting other pieces together. In current times, color blocking in African garments has become even more pronounced as designers mix and match different pieces (scraps) of African textiles to produce breathtaking garments that are very rich in color and unique in appeal.

This summer I definitely will let African prints work for me – not only will I be showcasing my rich culture but also staying trendy and ‘colorized’. The following selections are some of the pieces that possibly inform my color blocking experiments:

Pinks and yellows are my favorite couples in that together they provide a very summery warmth and feel. Great color combination for a color blocking effect! Throw in a little orange and you are well on your way.

The color multiplicity of this dress gives one various options to style and many colors to highlight. This garment shows how blues, oranges, yellows, greens and brown can actually play nice. This is an example of the use of various scraps to create a work of art.

Now who would have thought green would do such a nice number with purple! The evidence is in the details!

So there you have it, Color blocking tip #1:

Let your African prints be the muse for your color blocking experiment!

(Dresses provided by Aj’Bea Kouture, a subsidiary of Kradle Kouture Inc, kids wear. Eager to get your paws on some of these lovely dresses… be sure to hit me up and we can make it happen!)

Stay tuned for more tid bits on color for the summer….


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