Memoirs of a Closet Freak: Color Edition – Mellow your Yellow…or Vice Versa

1 Aug

This summer I have developed a new love and appreciation for the color Yellow! It’s bright, it’s festive, it’s fun! A little yellow goes a very long way and no fashion statement is complete without a touch of excitement! Despite its loud nature, yellow can be a great work companion: it’s all about mellowing your yellow, which basically means balancing out your brights with other leveling hues! Just like red, yellows make wonderful complement colors and accent pieces. Here are a couple of my favorite yellow combinations:

Colorize your yellow:

Nothing better to pair my yellow capris (NY&Co) with, then my forest green light sweater (NY&Co). It shows how two bright colors can bounce off each other to give that well suited combination. A solid white shirt is thrown in the mix for balance. My color print heels (Guess) completes the look.

Accessorize your yellow:

Once again my yellow blazer making an appearance as it provides color and functionality to this ensemble of a pair of black and white pattern pants (NY&Co), a crisp white tank top and some red accessories or accent pieces to spice up the look.

Volumize your yellow:

The next ensemble shows how you can emphasize your yellow by making it stand out, and allowing it to play with its felllow earth colors of brown, green and a hint of orange.

Even a yellow dress can play by these rules as well:


One Response to “Memoirs of a Closet Freak: Color Edition – Mellow your Yellow…or Vice Versa”

  1. maselli79 August 1, 2012 at 1:48 am #

    Love all the combos! That yellow blazer is awesome, love the outfit with the pants and red accessories!!

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