Memoirs of a Closet Freak – The Color Edition: Color your stride

22 Sep

So apparently the summer is officially at its end but I think I can relish the little that’s left by reminiscing some key summer favorites. A summer favorite worth writing home about… colored pants! Did you guys get pulled into the color frenzy? Well I did…great contenders for my color blocking obssession. Still got a couple more colors to personalize, nevertheless, I did my share of colorizing my closet and here are some colorful strides I made during the summer:

White pants/ jeans made a fierce comeback this summer or should I say it never went away. The classic white pant is always a summer must have and this summer the more tapered, skinnier cut made the headlines. The white pant provided a perfect balancing effect for the popular color duo: evergreen blouse (Ann Taylor) and navy blue blazer (H&M). A patterned scarf with similar hue as a belt pulled the total ensemble together:

A color blocking favorite: the yellow and pink combination embodies the essence of a colorful summer.The bright colors play off each other giving a well matched duo effect:

Revisiting my adoration of greens and yellows. The dark elements of the green provides a solid background that enhances the brightness of the yellow. Yellow is definitely a favorite color contender for the summer and so yellow pants (The Gap) was a no brainer for me:

Pink found another color companion this summer – royal blue, yet another favorite for the summer. Its commanding elements and solid appeal allows it to be a great complement for most colors. The elegant and calming nature of royal blue made it the “it” color this summer:

Yet another example of how a royal blue can transform a basic black and white combination into an ensemble worth attention.

Playing with stripes and solids is always a great way to mix and match colors and patterns. Red is bold enough to take the complements of many colors, yellow and green included.

Pink and blue, a match made in color heaven, and this remains true for any shade of blue be it royal, navy or baby. Here’s an example of pink and navy blue:



So there you have it guys, a little taste of my summer romance with colored pants. Still in the light of revisiting the summer, stay tuned next time as I show you some examples of other people’s interpretation of color blocking.


One Response to “Memoirs of a Closet Freak – The Color Edition: Color your stride”

  1. Thelma B September 25, 2012 at 5:29 pm #

    Love all the pieces. My favorite of course is the pink capri pant with the white top and the navy blue blazer. And how can I forget the pink and orange necklace!!!!!!! Real nice…..

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