Memoirs of a Closet Freak -The Color Edition : Color Transcends Age!

6 Oct

A little suggestion goes a very long way… and so when I was challenged to style someone else other than myself, although a bit intimidating, I was opened to rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty! And I had the best candidate…as they say the apple does not fall too far from the tree as such it was a no brainer when I decided to use mummy dearest as my fashion experiment. After a little kicking and screaming….and a lot of pleading, (on both sides), she reluctantly conceded! A quick shout out to DSA for being a good sport and playing along! DSA… you rock!

This is to show color does indeed transcends age! Color is a universal tool …

First illustration below has Mummy dearest looking demure and sophisticated in her royal blue slim leg pants (The Gap) coupled with her chic cream blouse with black trimmings. This look is ideal for work or a night out on the town for some drinks with her man in waiting. Two thumbs up approval from Dad! This look spells elegance and classy!


Birthday parties are fun but they can be off the wall if you are dressed for the occasion. Here mummy dearest decides to have her polka dots with a hint of yellow. The full, flowy polka dot top is well matched with tapered yellow jeans. Remember its always best to match a flowy top with a more tapered bottom. She may not be the birthday girl, but she will definitely be the focus of attention!

A red jacket can do wonders to a simple black and white outfit. This is a great number for work but again could double up as an ensemble fit for dinner out with friends. The red jacket allows for work in the board room as well as play in the streets!

Looking to colorize your closet? Well blue and pink make a wonderful duet in this ensemble that mummy dearest wears to a ‘T’! This ensemble could incite watercooler chatter as well as nods of approval at a dinner party. The comfortable pink/fuschia pants (New York & Company) not only looks good to the eye but also feels divine on the skin; contributing to a look of confidence and grace!

A power suit does not have to be black or grey anymore!!!! Throw in some color – two or three would be ideal and you are sure to dazzle your viewing public. If anyone said color was for kids…they sure led you astray…

Whether you are 5, 25 or 75, make color your friend this season. Not much of a fan of the phrase “One size fits all” but in the world of color I am a believer that all color does fit all! Stay tuned next time as we find out how you spent your summer in color!


One Response to “Memoirs of a Closet Freak -The Color Edition : Color Transcends Age!”

  1. maselli79 October 6, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    Definitely inspired to add color to my mom’s wardrobe! Very nice looks!!!!

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