Introducing the New and Improved Memoirs….

8 Feb

Hello y’all…it’s a new year and I’m going out with a bang! I have made a huge leap into the unknown so a little familiar territory is what the doctor ordered! To celebrate a new year and new location, I present to you a new blog: Memoirs of a Closet Freak!


The Memoirs blog is of course inspired by the Memoirs section I started here as such it follows the same concept; it documents my daily affair with fashion. The difference: a whole new look and feel and of course its a blog in itself and setting is in my new location! A move must not affect my style in the least…so we are pressing my fashionistas!!!! Thank you for the support  and I hope you stay on with me throughout my new journey. Subscribers please do subscribe to Memoirs as well if its not too much trouble. However Hot off the Runway will still remain a spot for general fashion updates and the likes. Once again thank you for the support and remember keep fashion alive. Toodles…until later…

Check out Memoirs of a Closet Freak


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