Hot or Not…

Heidi Klum said it…”with fashion, you’re in today…then out tomorrow …” Under our Hot or Not section, your input is money baby! Each segment, we will feature a new fashion icon: both veterans and new comers…its your job to pull the Hot or Not card! Be gentle, people! Be constructive or buzz off!!!!


We have said time and time again that the African fabric is making fashion history as it is claiming its rightful place in mainstream fashion as the tool of trade for many fashion/clothing designers all around the world. Its rich presence not only gives garments and clothes an authentic appeal but also adds a touch of glamour, style and uniqueness. There is no wonder why the African fabric is catching up so fast and appealing to its fashion audience. Clothing, bags, fashion accessories, swim wear, shoes, furniture, room upholstery…just to mention a few items that are being clothed with African fabric to make that extra mark!

Our Hot or Not contender today is an up and coming kiddie fashion house and another manifestation of the African fabric. Kradle Kouture Inc. provides an exciting new genre of kids’ fashion: a fun expression of modern styles cut out of authentic African design, textiles and themes. These are hand-made Ghanaian inspired treasures made with love for your little treasures!

Kradle Kouture Inc. aims to give our children a sense of individuality, creativity and pizzazz through what they wear. Visit Kradle Kouture on Etsy to view and purchase from its debut collection – TROPICAL CHIC  and of course lets do what we do best…HOT or NOT….


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